Carol Topp

Jamie has done extensive research and self-education to learn how to start and operate a classical homeschool program. Now she is generously sharing her knowledge and experience to help other homeschool leaders.

I respect Jamie so much for operating Appalachian Classical Academy by the book, with no short cuts. She learned how to treat ACA’s teachers as employees and manage payroll. She learned how to apply for 501c3 tax exempt status (I helped a bit!) with the IRS. These were not easy tasks, but she had the resolve to determine she was going to do it correctly and she did! You can do it too with her helpful guidance.

You can trust Jamie. She knows her stuff! You won’t be disappointed!

Jessica Linville

Jamie was an excellent resource as I ventured into creating a new program. She has a wealth of knowledge to help you answer questions you probably don’t know you should ask. She takes the time to learn your needs and advises based on that with the help of her own experiences and research.

Jamie has the utmost of integrity and goes above and beyond to make sure she has gathered the newest and most up to date info. Her help and guidance assisted us in creating the best program for us!

Ashley Franz

Jamie is a great listener and quickly helped me eliminate bad ideas and keep good/reasonable ones. She answered so many questions I had about legalities and procedures for starting my own homeschool group.

I will be consulting her again when we take it to the next level!

Gina Smith

I’ve been blessed to know Jamie for over 10 years. In that time, I have both enjoyed her friendship and been blessed by her leadership in various homeschool group settings.

As an employed tutor in the program she has organized in West Virginia, I can confidently say that  because of her hard work in keeping our program running smoothly, I can restfully approach my duties, not only as a tutor in our weekly classes, but also in my own homeschool with my 4 children.

I don’t worry about the business or administration aspect of our program because of the accountability that is present in our community. But when I have questions, Jamie is ready, either with answers, or with the determination to find them.  She is a problem solver by nature, and nothing she does is ever half-hearted.

A person working with this dear lady can trust that whatever project she is involved with will be thoroughly researched, and thoughtfully executed.