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The Disciplines Course is for any mother, homeschool group leader, or tutor who is looking for practical information regarding the courses typically offered in a classical program.

  • Why offer Latin? Logic? Rhetoric? Classic literature? English Grammar?
  • What is the objective of each course?
  • What are the options for curriculum?
  • How do you decide on a curriculum?
  • What have I found to work well in a group setting?
  • How do you take the chosen curriculum and dissect it to use in a group?
  • How do you equip parents? Students?
  • How do you plan classroom activities and alternative between passive and active learning effectively?
  • How do you navigate through instructing, assigning, and assessing?

I’ve taught all of these disciplines and love to talk about what I have found to work well when teaching them.

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7 reviews for The Disciplines

  1. Jennifer McDonald (verified owner)

    I just finished the Free Latin webinar with Jamie. It was so helpful and informative that I had to come and sign up for the rest!

  2. April L. (verified owner)

    Jamie gives you a mini lesson in Latin and then walks you though the why and how of adding Latin to your homeschool group’s course list. Jamie is informative in her approach to equipping the everyday mom with tools to properly execute Latin, no matter your homeschooling style. I highly recommend her Disciplines course!

  3. Angie Ferrell

    Jamie is very thorough in her approach. You will not be disappointed, and are likely to leave her seminar with a new implement or two for your homeschooling toolkit.

  4. Lauren M (verified owner)

    Jamie has a wealth of practical knowledge and application for homeschool moms to be encouraged by!

  5. Kathy

    Jamie’s Latin webinar was very informative and encouraging! She did a great review of why Latin is important as well as an overview of how inflectional morphology works. You will be blessed by her webinars.

  6. Nicole Henry – Invictus Classical Press (verified owner)

    Jamie has been so helpful in a myriad of ways to those of us who are administrating new classical communities! This free Latin webinar was an excellent refresher for me as to why we should endeavor to teach our children this beautiful language. She did an excellent little lesson on noun declensions and verb conjugations, and then quickly transitioned to a review of several Latin curriculums, which is always so appreciated by those of us who get overwhelmed by all the options available to us. She was diligent to keep to the webinar time allotment, which as a busy mom is much appreciated, but also took the time to answer every single question from the comment section.

    Jamie is a wonderful example of a humble, homeschooling mom, who is eager to share the wealth of knowledge she has gleaned over the years. Do take advantage of her webinars if you have the chance! And if you are looking to start a classical community, she also does very affordable consultations. She’s worth every penny.

  7. Jackie

    After listening to the free Latin webinar, I signed up for the entire series, The Disciplines. I appreciate Jamie’s thorough and thoughtful insights shared with humility. I also appreciate the time she takes to introduce the webinar topic with a historical overview and definitions to ensure a foundational understanding of the topic before diving into all the nitty gritty curriculum options. As a homeschool mama of 10 years who is thinking of doing something DIFFERENT (change can be scary!) for my youngest than what my older 2 did, I value Jamie’s insights and experience. Lastly, Jamie is respectful as she shares potential pros and cons of various curriculum, which is both refreshing and edifying. I am looking forward to the rest of this series.

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