The Disciplines: Rhetoric Webinar


Want to offer a rhetoric course in your homeschool, co-op, or classical program? Join Jamie as she walks through popular curriculum options and answers a few questions.

Why study rhetoric? How do you approach it? When do you approach it? Is teaching writing the same thing?

While not a scholar, Jamie is a mom who has taught rhetoric in her homeschool since 2013, and has been a tutor using those skills in homeschool programs since 2014. In this webinar, Jamie talks about the Five Canons of Rhetoric, the Five Common Topics, the Progymnasmata, and Stasis Theory, walking you through explanations and giving some examples of each. If you are looking to equip your child with skills to persuade others towards Truth, but just want some help knowing where to start, look no further!

  • 1 ½ hour rhetoric tutorial
  • Show notes
  • Interactive .pdf with Logic & Rhetoric Scope and Sequence from 3rdgrade through 12th grade featuring popular options from classical publishers


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