Creating Community Course

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Looking to create a homeschool co-op or academic program? Jamie created this course for homeschool group leaders looking for guidance in the 3 areas of an academic program: business, curriculum, and administration. If you are wondering how to create a co-op or a program with paid employees, this course will help you take your big vision into your next right step.

Course Includes:

  • Webinar 1: Business Part 1
  • Webinar 2: Business Part 2
  • Webinar 3: Administration
  • Webinar 4: Curriculum
  • Email correspondence with Jamie for 30 days
  • 15% off of consultations
  • $15 off of the purchase of the Template Pack


Webinar 1: Business Part 1

  • Organizational Structure
  • For profit homeschool group
  • Nonprofit homeschool group
  • Operational Structure
    • Board
    • Advisory Council
    • Tutors (volunteer or employees)
  • Why employ?
  • Insurance options – knowing your risk to transfer your risk

Webinar 2: Business Part 2

  • Budgets and Fees
  • Tax filings
  • Facility Request & Agreement

Webinar 3: Administration

  • Defining the culture of your group
  • Working with the board
  • Training staff
  • Volunteers or Employees
  • Handbook
  • Policies

Webinar 4: Curriculum

  • Books & Materials
  • Course Descriptions
  • Course & Materials Document
  • Picture Study demo
  • Neoclassical vs classical
  • Memory work or no?

7 reviews for Creating Community Course

  1. Jessica Linville

    This course helped produce a clear path of where our co-op is going and what steps to take along the way. It took so much guesswork and effort out of starting from scratch. So thankful that Jamie is willing to share her hard work with those just starting out!

  2. Alicia Siemssen

    This class gave me so much information and the tools to start my own co-op from scratch. Jamie is very personable and available for any question, during the class or the days between class. The information is accurate and the resources are plentiful as you learn from all of the information Jamie has gleaned and experienced by starting her own classical academy.

  3. April L.

    This course is a must have for anyone interested in how to create a compliant, stress-free, mom driven, and classical academic homeschool community. Jamie shares her experiences and her heart for helping other regular moms design communities that work FOR them and the families that come along. You will have priceless access to Jamie’s hardwork and information as she created her own classical academy. Whether you desire to gather with just a few moms once a month or create a community of teachers/students that operates as a business, this course is for you.

  4. Anonymous & Hopeful

    After years of being in a community, I knew I wanted to create my own co-op with a more Charlotte-mason / classical philosophy. I had so many questions regarding setting up my group, choosing curriculum, starting a non-profit, and needed a place to ask questions. I heard about Jamie and her classes so I signed up for the 4-week Creating Community course. Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all the little details of starting and running a group! She went above and beyond to help me formulate a plan and now I have a wonderful little Schole group in the works! Her consultations and classes are absolutely worth it!

  5. Rochelle Brogan

    Jamie is beyond helpful when it comes to guiding you through the development of a new community or an existing one. I found her to be easy to talk to, a good listener, and generous with her knowledge and experience as a classical community leader. She is definitely who you want to guide you through each step of the process. She clearly committed to serving others in the classical education field. You won’t be disappointed with any of her courses or materials. Also, she is funny and has an adorable family 🙂

  6. April Scarpitti

    You can struggle through figuring out how to run a homeschool community or you can take Jamie’s course and have much of it mapped out for you. I found Jamie and her course to be valuable resources, especially while navigating the business aspects of establishing a homeschool community. This course was a worthy investment of my time and money!

  7. Jennifer Tellef

    Jamie, you are amazing! In just a month and a half you have given me the confidence to find and form a board, apply with my state for formation, and have my ducks in a row to just keep stepping through to form a 501c3. There are so many steps, you have made it very understandable. We had our first Board Meeting last week and are excited each day to envision and plan what God has placed on my heart. Forever Grateful! God Bless

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