Lost Tools for Mom


Over the last 6 years, Jamie has found Andrew Kern’s The Lost Tools of Writing™ to offer structure and order to tasks many may not associate with a rhetoric course.  Jamie has found the tools useful in planning birthday parties, crafting lesson plans for physics, and even when drafting the agenda for a board meeting. In this 2-hour LIVE webinar, Jamie will walk homeschool moms and classical tutors through practical applications of ancient ideas which are thoroughly presented in the popular curriculum. Participants must submit verification of ownership of at least the Level One Teacher Guide in order to take this course. Jamie will demonstrate how to use the 5 Common Topics of Invention, as well as pieces of Arrangement and Elocution, while leading participants through examples using history lessons, mock trials, or in everyday life when articulating a position with supported proofs is necessary. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the buzz surrounding The Lost Tools of Writing™, then you will surely benefit from this event. Jamie recommends this curriculum for homeschools, co-ops, or tutorial programs for students aged 13 or older.

LIVE Webinar Wednesday, October 16th, 2pm-4pm EST

*Yes, it will be recorded should you be unable to attend live.

**Please email Jamie at Jamie@jamiebuckland.net with a good contact email if your PayPal is not where you want to receive the invite and information.

***LTW Trademark used with permission.



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