Homeschool Risk 101: Understanding It & Transferring It


Jamie’s one-hour crash course walks you through the liabilities associated with leading a group of homeschoolers. Jamie takes you through a thorough handout created to guide you through shopping for adequate coverage. Don’t know what to ask the insurance agent? Well, you will now. Jamie shares information learned through her experience as both a for profit group leader and a nonprofit group leader over the last 6 years to help open your eyes to the unique exposures to risk that leaders have.

Should you have waivers? Are they enough?

If you do not fully understand your risk, you cannot appropriately transfer it. Better yet, you’ll get tips on how you can partner with others in your group to reduce the risk. If your facility, most likely a church, requires you to have insurance, what do you need to know? Jamie has worked off and on as a licensed insurance agent over the last 20 years and has formed questions for you to take to your agents so you can feel equipped to secure appropriate coverage.


  • One-hour audio recording
  • One-hour video recording
  • Homeschool Risk 101 Handout



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