Homeschool Mock Trial 101

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The jury returns the verdict and you watch half of your beloved students sigh with disappointment while the other half of them shoot quick glances at their teammates, smiles of satisfaction displayed for all to see.

It has been Jamie’s experience, in organizing and executing 3 of these events, that a mock trial does the following:

  •                 Demands teamwork amongst participants
  •                 Teaches communication skills
  •                 Requires calculated reasoning while examining case materials
  •                 Improves composition while crafting questions and arguments
  •                 Provides opportunity for students to rise to the challenge
  •                 Allows participants practice thinking on their feet
  •                 Informs participants on the judicial branch
  •                 Equips participants to demonstrate humility and confidence when arguing

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It really is.

But the truth is, a courtroom needs booked, a judge secured, a jury gathered, forms created, a syllabus written, class time designated, instruction given, assignments clarified, assessments performed, and then a mock trial executed.

Jamie can help. During this two-hour recorded webinar Jamie prepares you to partner with local professionals to pull off a project that surpasses any science fair or year-end skit you’ve ever seen! You’ll receive templates for necessary forms, lesson plans, a syllabus, and links to options for cases. You’ll receive a script to use when calling to schedule the event, and tips on how to communicate expectations with all involved to work to eliminate chaos.

You can do this! Jamie can help!

Links to download recording and files will be sent directly to you.

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5 reviews for Homeschool Mock Trial 101

  1. Gina

    Our experience with mock trial, with Jamie as our leader, was amazing. During this experience, I saw my daughter’s confidence grow in a way I wasn’t expecting. Jamie had the kids so well prepared and familiar with the case and their roles, that I sat back in surprise seeing my timid daughter interacting self-assuredly with a real life judge, bailiff, witnesses and other “lawyers” (her classmates), as well as a jury. We were all on pins and needles waiting for a verdict! What a wonderful program.

  2. Indy

    Jamie has guided my daughter through two mock trials. We were very pleased with both experiences. My daughter hoped for the simple role of bailiff in her last case, however she was assigned the role of defense attorney. Jamie encouraged, challenged and stretched the students in so many helpful ways. She helped equip my daughter to be prepared and ready to handle the role she thought she could never do. As a mom I appreciate all that Jamie does to help build up and prepare the students but also it all runs so smoothly. It was such a blessing to be part of an efficient, professional program.

  3. Theresa D.

    Our family has been in community with Jamie Buckland for several years now. She has organized and coached my two oldest children through a total of three mock trials. Jamie lays out a structured plan and anticipates details in coordinating which allow students and families to focus on the experience of mock trial- without planning hangups and headaches. She simply doesn’t leave a stone unturned… 
If you want to coordinate a quality mock trial for your students, you will be blessed and so thankful that you found Jamie and this resource!

  4. Benjamin Hatfield

    I am a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and current personal injury litigation attorney. I have had the privilege of participating in Mrs. Buckland’s program for three years in an advisory role. Her level of preparedness is unparalleled and her understanding of court process is remarkable given the complexities of the concepts. I look forward to having the opportunity to advise students in this program as often as I am permitted.

  5. Vickie

    Mock Trial, under Jamie Buckland’s leadership, was one of the absolute highlights for my daughter during our homeschool years. It was a great opportunity for her to learn about the judicial process, the roles of all involved parties, building cases for both the prosecution and defense, as well as the importance of teamwork. Mrs. Buckland invested time, energy and resources into each child making sure they were prepared for their assigned task. As a result, these teenagers presented both sides with confidence and took great pride in their efforts. It was not only a great learning experience, but was accompanied by personal growth as well. I highly recommend this program and Mrs. Buckland!! You will be blessed by both!

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