Creating Community Template Pack

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Template Pack includes editable templates in Word and Pages: family application, a handbook, course scope & sequence guide for grammar, logic, and rhetoric classes, course & materials (this is what I use to communicate what we offer and what books are required), initial board meeting agenda, employee application, volunteer application, invoice showing employee compensation, and budget (This Template Pack is for your program you are organizing. You have my permission to share it with fellow leaders in your program once it is purchased.)

*Disclaimer: You are hereby granted the permission to share these specific templates with any other LEADER of your homeschool group for the purpose of editing to meet the needs of your local community. You agree not to share these templates to any other acquaintance for any other purpose. You agree to edit and save as a locked, read-only .pdf if you choose to distribute to general public or members of your group.



1 review for Creating Community Template Pack

  1. anonymous

    I could cry years of relief right now, seeing how much help this gives me as I prepare for the next school year! I thank you for the gift of your leadership and guidance to us. Having been involved in not one, but two programs now who have not been marked by integrity or compliance, I’m glad for your help to those of us committed to taking the more difficult but proper path.

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