Homeschool Group Leaders & Coronavirus: What should we do?



Leading your own family through a plan for a crisis is one thing, but when others are looking to you for a plan, it can become so overwhelming that you don’t know what to do next.

No matter what you decide to do, you are likely to have some who do not support your decision, so what can you do?

Do the next right thing, in love. This is a link to a movement by someone I can feel good about endorsing. No matter what, I recommend finding time for an episode every day until you’re caught up. This is a time where we can spread what we have. We can spread a virus, anxiety, panic, or we can spread hope, direction, and guidance. This is a way to invest in your own mind and heart before pouring out to others.

After that, read this. It will give you some more direction.

One thing to consider if you meet in a church is that the church leadership may be limiting its use. That would be my first suggestion, talk to the church leaders to see if meeting is a viable option.

Talk to your homeschool group leaders. 

What do your tutors think? Can you use Zoom or Skype or FaceTime to have a quick conference to discuss options?

What classes rely on the tutor’s knowledge and experience and will likely fall behind without that?

Can the tutor lead them through a video conference?

We chose today to not hold our meeting the week of March 16th, and we were already on break for the week following that.

We will touch base next week and decide a plan for April.

Beyond making the decision to cancel your community day, there is the reality that many of these moms may be looking to you for leadership for their own homeschools, and even in their own homes.

My friend JJ Story Veale shared a prepping supply list, and I added a few things to it. You can download it here.

I’m in West Virginia, and it was announced a few hours ago that public schools are closing.

I’m writing another post specifically for parents who are suddenly tasked with providing an environment for learning outside of the classroom.

This is a time where we homeschool group leaders can use our unique expertise and skills, learned by creating community for ourselves and our neighbors, to be a light to others. 

If you have ideas I can add to this post, please email me at 

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