Hearing the Author: An Interview with Angelina Stanford



The first time I heard Angelina speak at a conference, I learned something. I can be a hard sell, so I don’t aways learn things when I listen. But I found that I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t resist the ease in her call to approach works without a list of objectives and agendas.

I became a fan.

Since then, she’s become my friend. And I am thankful.

It’s nice to message a master literature teacher dumb questions and get such common sense answers in return.

I want to share a conversation with you that Angelina and I had last year about literature. Those who were enrolled in The Voyage this have told me time and time again this talk gave them assurance and confidence about books. That is what I like to hear.

I also asked her to share about her time homeschooling as a single parent, and I think every co-op leader needs to hear more about loving mommas who are tackling this alone.

Click here to download the chat, and then go hang out here to find out how you can stay connected to Angelina’s work.

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