What Does the Classical Program Consultant Offer?


It is possible you have made your way to this website, clicked back and forth on the options, and wondered if my output needs to be your input.

We live in an age where we can basically search, “how to ________”, and find something helpful to our cause. But what if we qualified our search with one little adverb, “how to _______ well”?

I am not here to tell you how to start up a homeschool co-op. There are plenty of resources out there that could help you get some families together to meet up. I am not here to tell you how to organize field trips. I personally don’t organize them, rarely attend them, and don’t find them near as essential in my 12th year of homeschooling as I did in my 1st.

I am here to tell the story of how I started a program for Christian homeschoolers looking to educate in the classical tradition. I am here to help a few moms or dads who would like to do the same, and want to do it well. I am here to equip you with questions you can take to your attorney, your CPA, your insurance agent, the owner of your facility, and your local government offices. These questions will guide you in taking the necessary steps in creating, with integrity, a community that is compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

I have been involved with an at-cost co-op and a for-profit homeschool group, and now serve as an Executive Director, Headmistress, and tutor at our once-a-week, nonprofit program. I understand the similarities and the differences in a way which allows me to hear the vision for your own program, and then break it down into your next steps.

A rapidly increasing number of clients have benefited from my experience in this tiny niche in the big world. Do you need my services? That is for you to decide. You could certainly do what I did: research, make costly mistakes, backtrack, try again, interview, inquire, travel, consult, train, teach, type, edit, create, ask, disappoint, apologize, apply, hire, pay, crash, despair, and then rest.


You can start at one place, with one person, who has already done all of the above. My goal is this: to help you offer homeschooling families in your area a program to suit your collective needs, one which doesn’t require you to sacrifice more time, money, and energy than it is worth, but gives you joy and rest instead.

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